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How we produce Crosso panniers?
NEW. Camel carrying system
Sling is designed to transport luggage of different capacities and different sizes. Sling design provides great comfort through the comfortable hip belt and shoulder straps. The belts and straps allows for easy, quick and secure attachment of luggage. Sling will works in all conditions.
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New product. Organizer.
Check out our organizer and change you pannier's pocket into convenient first aid kit, tool pouch or cosmetic bag.
Who we are
You are probably wondering who we are...Crosso was born from passion. Our beginning dates back to the times when people in Poland stopped and stared with astonishment at tourists on bicycles.

The route is not always smooth, the sun does not always shine. CROSSO panniers were created for the toughest routes and the heaviest rains! You will appreciate it when you are resting in a dry sleeping bag after a day of hardship...>>>